Learn for Refoel Yehuda Simcha Ben Chaim Ezra Meir (Yehuda)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit

Shteig and Have a Gut Vinter Chevra!

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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 27 Kislev 5778 (Friday, December 15, 2017) sundown.
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Current Signups

9Baruch FireworkerHullin dafim 2-7, 97-99
27Boruch GoldsteinHullin dafim 103-129
6Dovid GoldsteinHullin dafim 8-13
25Elly FireworkerHullin dafim 59-77, 83-88
8Elly GoldsteinHullin dafim 89-96
4SA LissHullin dafim 31-34
5Heshy SobelHullin dafim 35-39
19Ezry FireworkerHullin dafim 22-24, 78-82, 100-102, 135-142
6Bentzy HeimowitzHullin dafim 25-30
7Binyomin HellmanHullin dafim 52-58
7Pinny GoldsteinHullin dafim 15-21
2R Binyomin KaplanHullin dafim 40-41
10Moshe GoldsteinHullin dafim 42-51
5SDHullin dafim 130-134
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