Learn for Sarah Chaya Bat Yisrael (Selma Twersky)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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1Avi PinesMakkot daf 6
2HillelMakkot dafim 11-12
2Michael TwerskyMakkot dafim 2-3
2mordechai twerskyMakkot dafim 4-5
2Nachum LichtmanMakkot dafim 23-24
3Ron and Tzippy PriceMakkot dafim 18-20
1Shani savett and gail TwerskyMakkot daf 9
2Simcha YenowitzMakkot dafim 21-22
1Tani LichtmanMakkot daf 10
2YairMakkot dafim 7-8
5Yehuda TwerskyMakkot dafim 13-17
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