Learn for Bava Kamma for Chavrei HaSiyum

Beis Hamedrash Ohr Chodosh has been assigned to learn Masechta Bava Kama. This is a large Masechta (118 Daf) and there isn't too much time until the Siyum, but we are confident that as a Beis Hamedrash known for our many learning programs, we should be able to achieve this. We need at least 59 people to sign-up to learn just two Daf each. There are about seven weeks between now and the Siyum (with a winter holiday in the middle) which is more than enough time for all the Shul members to take on at least two Daf Bekius (Learning the Daf B'Iyun is not required). If you have children in Yeshiva or High School they also can join in and help the Shul complete this ambitious project.

To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 10 Tevet 5780 (Tuesday, January 07, 2020) sundown.

Talmud Bavli Siyum is 56.7% Assigned
(67/118 dafim)

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Seder Zeraim (disabled)

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Bava Kamma (67/118 56.8%)
Bava Metzia disabledBava Basra disabled
Sanhedrin disabledMakkos disabledShevuos disabled
Avodah Zarah disabledHorayos disabled 

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Current Signups

3Alex HamiltonBava Kamma dafim 10-12
2Ari DavisBava Kamma dafim 86-87
2Arie CohenBava Kamma dafim 98-99
2Benjy FreedmanBava Kamma dafim 93-94
2Ben MarguliesBava Kamma dafim 17-18
3Chaim GreenbergBava Kamma dafim 115-117
2Chayim SchwabBava Kamma dafim 111-112
2David RoseBava Kamma dafim 62-63
3Doron WiseBava Kamma dafim 59-61
2Dovid SchwabBava Kamma dafim 8-9
2Dovid SharmanBava Kamma dafim 118-119
1Eli GrossnassBava Kamma daf 19
2Eli KormanBava Kamma dafim 109-110
2Gavriel CohenBava Kamma dafim 2-3
2Jody JacobsBava Kamma dafim 46-47
2Josh BennettBava Kamma dafim 27-28
2Marc RogoffBava Kamma dafim 36-37
2Meir LewinBava Kamma dafim 13-14
2Menachem WiederBava Kamma dafim 38-39
3M BlauBava Kamma dafim 83-85
2Moishe GrahamBava Kamma dafim 64-65
4Oren RechtBava Kamma dafim 29-32
2Shaya GalpertBava Kamma dafim 6-7
7Shlomi WiseBava Kamma dafim 20-26
2Shlomo MalkielBava Kamma dafim 55-56
2shmaya ormondeBava Kamma dafim 15-16
2Yaakov KritzlerBava Kamma dafim 91-92
2Yitschok HackenbrochBava Kamma dafim 4-5
1Zvi LernerBava Kamma daf 100
      29 people signed up for 67 dafim   export



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