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Join the women of UOS as we complete the entire Torah between Shavuot and Simchat Torah.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant chapters, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 22 Tishri 5779 (Monday, October 01, 2018) sundown.

Tanach Siyum is 90.3% Assigned
(169/187 chapters)

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Bereishis (50/50 100%)
Shmos (22/40 55%)
Vayikra (27/27 100%)
Bamidbar (36/36 100%)
Devarim (34/34 100%)

Neviim books (disabled)

Kesuvim books (disabled)

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Current Signups

5Andrea EisensteinBamidbar chapters 8-12
2Becca HuechtkerBereishis chapters 45-46
4Shalva BergerBamidbar chapters 4-7
1Carol LibermanVayikra chapter 20
3Cynthia BermanBereishis chapters 18-20
4Danielle WiningerBereishis chapters 1-4
3Debbie KupferBereishis chapters 34-36
8Deborah BrownDevarim chapters 21-28
7Doreen LernerBereishis chapters 47-50; Shmos chapters 18-20
3Elisheva LevittBamidbar chapters 1-3
6Emily MitchellDevarim chapters 29-34
8Gabi GelmanBamidbar chapters 13-20
2Julia BrownBereishis chapters 10-11
4Lydia BiltonBereishis chapters 41-44
6Malkie YanowitzBereishis chapters 12-17
5Marilyn KammermanDevarim chapters 16-20
26Marisa BrownBereishis chapters 37-40; Vayikra chapters 1-15, 21-27
26mindeleah pollakBamidbar chapters 26-36; Devarim chapters 1-15
6Mirit SchneiderShmos chapters 14-17, 21-22
5Nada ChandlerBamidbar chapters 21-25
4Paula UrkowitzShmos chapters 10-13
5Rhoda SeplowitzShmos chapters 5-9
4Sheila TrainVayikra chapters 16-19
13Sophie Lee LandauBereishis chapters 21-33
9Tania SilvaBereishis chapters 5-9; Shmos chapters 1-4
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