למד לHarav Shlomo Ben HaRav Yehoshua (Rabbi Solomon Weinberger)
שלושים / יארצייט

Dear members and friends,

The passing of Rabbi Shlomo Weinberger z"l came as a shock to all of us who knew him, respected him, and cherished his unique personality and character. Rabbi Weinberger was a prodigious Talmid Chacham who learned at the feet of Gedolei Yisrael such as Rav Shlomo Heiman and Rav Reuven Grozovsky, who counted him as one of their leading Talmidim. Upon the urging of his Rebbeim, he left the walls of the Bais Medrash to confront the ubiquitous ignorance and growing assimilation of even Torah observant Jews into American culture. At a time when Orthodoxy seemed to be weakened and in retreat, Rabbi Weinberger rechanneled his energies and talents into reaching Jews and instilling into them a respect and pride for Torah and Mesorah. After serving in two shorter positions, he and Rebbetzin Weinberger and family arrived in Tifereth Israel in 1956, where he led, taught, and inspired his Kehillah and the community for more than 50 years.

Alongside his encyclopedic and incisive knowledge of Torah, Rabbi Weinberger's personality and perspective on Yiddishkeit left a profound impact. He was self-effacing, unpretentious, and related to all Jews with care and respect. Rabbi Weinberger shunned shallowness and superficiality, and presented his Torah with a candor and personal style that was his hallmark. As a leader, he considered Shalom to be a prerequisite and a foundation for any Torah or community endeavor, and was known by all as someone who personified ohev shalom ve'rodef shalom, ohev es ha'briyos u'mekarvan la'Torah.

Rabbi Weinberger eschewed territorialism and prioritized the needs of the broader community. He was instrumental in implanting the Yeshiva Gedolah in Passaic and in supporting it during its formative years. In fact, in the Yeshiva's early years he spent much time learning there with Rav Gershon Wiesenfeld and gave Shiurim there as well.

Rabbi Weinberger was borei'ach min ha'kavod, but we have an obligation, as the Shul and community that continues to benefit from his accomplishments and efforts, to remember him and the values that he imparted to us. To that end, we will be having an event at the conclusion of the Shloshim; details will be forthcoming.

As well, it behooves us to show our respect and hakaras hatov by learning Shishei Sidrei Mishnah for the Shloshim.

Once the all the Mesechtos of Shishei Sidrei Mishnah have been taken once, the website will allow people to sign up to learn a given Mesechta a second time. A list of participants will be made public at the time of the Siyum on the Shloshim.

Rabbi Cohen

A large selection of shiurim by Rabbi Weinberger, A"H were recorded and are available online at TifTorah.org.

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