Shabu`ot 5781 - Shearith Israel

Please join us once again this year in a communal effort to study each of the 54 weekly Torah portions in honor of Shabu`ot - the festival of the giving of our Torah.

Please choose one or more portions from those listed below to study. You may study them individually, with your family, or in a group; You may use any translation or commentary that you wish.

We will then gather via zoom on the morning of Sunday, May 16th to recognize this wonderful achievement. This siyum has been timed to coincide with our virtual reading of the Book of Ruth. Additional details to follow.
Tizku leMitzvot and Mo`adim leSimha!

To join this siyum of Chumash, please check the relevant parshas, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 5 Sivan 5781 (Sunday, May 16, 2021) sundown.

Chumash Siyum is 1.8% Assigned
(1/54 parshas)


Bereishit (146) Noach (153) Lech Lecha (126)
Vayera (147) Chayei Sarah (105) Toldot (106)
Vayetzei (148) Vayishlach (154) Vayeshev (112)
Miketz (147) Vayigash (106) Vayechi (85)


Shemot (124) Vaeira (121) Bo (105)
Beshalach (116) Yitro (72) Mishpatim (118)
Terumah (96) Tetzaveh (101) Ki Tisa (139)
Vayakhel (122) Pekudei (92)  


Vayikra (111) Tzav (96) Shemini (91)
Tazria (67) Metzora (90) Acharei Mot (80)
Kedoshim (64) Emor (124) Behar (57)
Bechukotai (78)   


Bamidbar (159) Nasso (176) Behaalotcha (136)
Shlach Lecha (119) Korach (95) Chukat (87)
Balak (104) Pinchas (168) Matot (112)
Masei (132)   


Devarim (105) Vaetchanan (118) Eikev (111)
√Re-eh (126) Shoftim (97) Ki Teitzei (110)
Ki Tavo (122) Nitzavim (40) Vayeilech (30)
Haazinu (52) Zot HaBracha (41)  

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