CRO Shavuot Siyyum 2021

Once Again for Shavuot the Ramath Orah Community will be learning the entire Torah together!

Following last year's success, the Ramath Orah Community will once again be learning the entire Torah together before Shavuot! Each individual/group/family can choose a parasha to learn before Shavuot. On the Wednesday evening before Shavuot (May 12) we will meet online, everyone will have the opportunity to share a 4 minute insight/Dvar Torah from their parasha (in small groups) and then we will celebrate our siyyum on the Torah together as a community before Chag Matan Torah.

Choose a parasha from the list below and start learning!

To join this siyum of Chumash, please check the relevant parshas, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 1 Sivan 5781 (Wednesday, May 12, 2021) sundown.

Chumash Siyum is 22.2% Assigned
(12/54 parshas)

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√Bereishit (146) Noach (153) Lech Lecha (126)
Vayera (147) Chayei Sarah (105) Toldot (106)
Vayetzei (148) Vayishlach (154) Vayeshev (112)
√Miketz (147) √Vayigash (106) Vayechi (85)


√Shemot (124) Vaeira (121) Bo (105)
Beshalach (116) Yitro (72) Mishpatim (118)
√Terumah (96) Tetzaveh (101) Ki Tisa (139)
Vayakhel (122) Pekudei (92)  


Vayikra (111) Tzav (96) Shemini (91)
Tazria (67) Metzora (90) Acharei Mot (80)
√Kedoshim (64) Emor (124) Behar (57)
Bechukotai (78)   


Bamidbar (159) √Nasso (176) Behaalotcha (136)
Shlach Lecha (119) Korach (95) Chukat (87)
Balak (104) √Pinchas (168) Matot (112)
Masei (132)   


√Devarim (105) Vaetchanan (118) Eikev (111)
√Re-eh (126) Shoftim (97) Ki Teitzei (110)
Ki Tavo (122) √Nitzavim (40) Vayeilech (30)
Haazinu (52) √Zot HaBracha (41)  

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1Z. EdingerRe-eh
1Daniel VictorShemot
1Dimitry EkshtutBereishit
1Evelyn CohenNitzavim
1Ann GoldhirschVayigash
1Hayyim ObadyahDevarim
1Malka StrasbergZot HaBracha
1Moshe GrussgottTerumah
1Robert L CohenPinchas
1Valerie ChanaNasso
1Wendy BotuckKedoshim
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