SIYUM@SINAI is an exciting Initiative to start and finish Mesechta Megilla on the day of Sinai Indaba by the Bnei Torah of the city. The masechta will be divided as per below, please choose an amud, a daf or a few to complete during the day.

Expectation is basically Gemorah & Rashi if possible, anything more is totally Torah Lishmah. Previous learning of Megillah is not counted as part of the siyum, learning must be done on the day.

There will be some gemorahs available at the venue kindly arranged by Rosie Hllander and her team but probably best to bring your own if possible.

Looking forward to SIYUM@SINAI.


To join this siyum of Talmud Bavli, please check the relevant dafim, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 2 Nisan 5778 (Sunday, March 18, 2018) sundown.

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3AltmansMegillah dafim 10-12
5Avigdor AshtarMegillah dafim 6, 9, 14-16
1Blaauberg chaburaMegillah daf 24
1Chief RabbiMegillah daf 4
1Yochanan Ziegler & Dani BrettMegillah daf 27
1Dani BrettMegillah daf 3
1Dovid WinebergMegillah daf 5
1Hillel BernsteinMegillah daf 13
1Jonathan AltmanMegillah daf 32
4CTTHMegillah dafim 17-20
1Asher DerenMegillah daf 31
1Jonathan WoskMegillah daf 8
1Justin SwaineMegillah daf 28
1Justin swaineMegillah daf 26
1Kalman GreenMegillah daf 7
1Levi PopackMegillah daf 25
1Matthew LiebenbergMegillah daf 22
1Mendel PopackMegillah daf 30
1Pini HechtMegillah daf 2
1Sam ThurgoodMegillah daf 21
1Sean cannonMegillah daf 29
1Shmuel OzhekhMegillah daf 23
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