Learn for אהרון זאב בן יוסף (Saba)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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Bereishis (50) Shmos (40) Vayikra (27)
Bamidbar (36) Devarim (34)  


Yehoshua (24) Shoftim (21) Shmuel 1 (31)
Shmuel 2 (24) Melachim 1 (22) Melachim 2 (25)
Yeshaya (66) Yirmiya (52) Yechezkel (48)
Hoshea (14) Yoel (4) Amos (9)
Ovadia (1) Yona (4) Micha (7)
Nachum (3) Chavakuk (3) Tzefania (3)
Chagai (2) Zecharia (14) Malachi (3)


Tehilim (150) Mishlei (31) Iyov (42)
Daniel (12) Ezra (10) Nechemia (13)
Shir Hashirim (8) Ruth (4) Eicha (5)
Koheles (12) Esther (10) Divrei Hayamim 1 (29)
Divrei Hayamim 2 (36)   

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1Akiva BienenstockTzefania
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2Joe KanofskyShmuel 1, Shmuel 2
1Yoni BienenstockMelachim 1
1Shaina KanofskyBereishis
2Meir BienenstockEzra, Nechemia
1Yael BienenstockMicha
1Aura BienenstockShoftim
1Shalom KanofskyShmos
1Esther BienenstockBamidbar
1Shoshana BroderickDevarim
1Eli BienenstockIyov
1Atarah BienenstockEsther
1Noam BienenstockMelachim 2
1Binyamin Aharon ZeevOvadia
1Hillel and Eitan BienenstockDaniel
2Yossi BienenstockVayikra, Eicha
1Zacky BienenstockZecharia
1Livia BienenstockYehoshua
1Mendy KanofskyYona
1Moshe KanofskyYirmiya
1Rafi BienenstockHoshea
3Sara BienenstockNachum, Chavakuk, Eicha
1Sarah BienenstockMishlei
2Shira BienenstockAmos, Malachi
1Yaakov KanofskyYoel
1Yocheved BienenstockTehilim
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