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Welcome to the 2019 Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush Nach Learning Program website. We will be learning all of Nevi'im and Ketuvim. Kindly select a sefer. The siyum is expected to be scheduled sometime in the fall after the Yomim Tovim. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Michael Klein at mhklein@verizon.net.

To join this siyum of Tanach, please check the relevant Books, enter your name and email address and submit.

Assignment should be completed bli neder by 2 Kislev 5780 (Saturday, November 30, 2019) sundown.

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Torah books (disabled)


Yehoshua (24) Shoftim (21) Shmuel 1 (31)
Shmuel 2 (24) Melachim 1 (22) Melachim 2 (25)
Yeshaya (66) Yirmiya (52) Yechezkel (48)
Hoshea (14) Yoel (4) Amos (9)
Ovadia (1) Yona (4) Micha (7)
Nachum (3) Chavakuk (3) Tzefania (3)
Chagai (2) Zecharia (14) Malachi (3)


Tehilim (150) Mishlei (31) Iyov (42)
Daniel (12) Ezra (10) Nechemia (13)
Shir Hashirim (8) Ruth (4) Eicha (5)
Kohelet (12) Esther (10) Divrei Hayamim 1 (29)
Divrei Hayamim 2 (36)   

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1Aaron & Linda KinsbergIyov
1Aimee CohenShmuel 2
1Amichai ZieglerYirmiya
1Aliza SklarDaniel
1Avrom & ShoshannahKohelet
1Bina Hyman(Gur-Aryeh)Mishlei
1Hope HarrisEsther
2Jonathan Jay BakerChavakuk, Eicha
1Joseph CornMalachi
1Leah BennettMelachim 2
1Lenore LowenthalYehoshua
2Lynne CassoutoTzefania, Zecharia
1Rabbi Mark LichtNachum
1michele choinaShoftim
1Michael KleinHoshea
1Michael NaimarkYeshaya
1Michael TroyTehilim
1Raizy WeinrebMelachim 1
1Rebecca KivelevitzOvadia
1Rina BlechYechezkel
2Rivka SchechterEzra, Nechemia
1Robin KaplanShir Hashirim
1Saul GubermanMicha
1Sharon ShapiroDivrei Hayamim 1
1Sherri KoganDivrei Hayamim 2
1Shimon JosephsYoel
1Yonah hellmanAmos
1Yossie RothenbergShmuel 1
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