Learn for Tuvia Ben Harav Chanoch (Mr. Tobias Berman)
Shloshim/ Yartzheit
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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 25 Kislev 5783 (Monday, December 19, 2022) sundown.

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2Kayla SBereishis chapters 8-9
2Aliza BalsamBereishis chapters 21-22
1Aliza PollakBereishis chapter 24
2Menachem Aharon wallachDevarim chapters 32, 34
1Ariella AddiShmos chapter 13
4Dahlia SchwartzShmos chapters 3-6
3Devorah SchreierDevarim chapters 1-3
1ElishevaBereishis chapter 36
5Elisheva WeinerBereishis chapters 1-3; Bamidbar chapters 13-14
2EstherBereishis chapters 33-34
3Fruma SilverBereishis chapters 42-44
4Hannah AdlerBereishis chapters 37-40
2Hannah PollakShmos chapters 1-2
2Eliana LebowitzShmos chapter 12; Devarim chapter 31
3Julia BenarrochShmos chapters 7-9
1LgShmos chapter 25
1LiebaBereishis chapter 23
5McKenzie KyteVayikra chapters 11-15
3MichalBereishis chapters 18-20
4Meital LindenbergBereishis chapters 1-4
3Kayla FrenkelBereishis chapters 25-27
5shoshy epsVayikra chapters 1-5
5Mia MordowitzBereishis chapters 28-32
2Mijal Tzipora GutierrezBereishis chapters 10-11
1NaavaBereishis chapter 41
1Naomi FriedBereishis chapter 17
7Penina SteinbergVayikra chapters 19-25
5R SVayikra chapters 6-10
3Racheli GottesmanBereishis chapters 33-35
5Rebecca KalmarShmos chapters 16-20
2Riki Greenberg & Felicia WeintraubBereishis chapters 5-6
4Rivka MarcusBereishis chapters 12-15
2Rochel Leah ItzkowitzShmos chapters 14-15
4Sarit BenzaquenBamidbar chapters 30-33
4Sheindl BergerBamidbar chapters 22-25
1Shira SBereishis chapter 16
10Shoshana SchechterDevarim chapters 4-13
2Sophie ChervitzShmos chapters 10-11
1tzivia deitschBereishis chapter 7
4Vered GottliebShmos chapters 21-24
6Dana LissauerBereishis chapters 45-50
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