Learn for PIDYON CHEVUIM: Rabbi Osher Eisemann Chlita
Rabbi Osher Eisemann founded SCHI (School for Children with Hidden Intelligence), in 1995 in search of a suitable school for his own special needs child. What started in a storefront with five children has grown to a state-of-the-art facility that services hundreds of special needs children. For the past twenty-four years, SCHI has been a beacon of light for special needs children and their families, with Rabbi Eisemann at its helm, selflessly giving of himself day and night, guiding them every step of the way. Unfortunately, this Tzaddik found himself facing serious charges with a threat of prison R"L. Boruch Hashem, the three most severe charges against Rabbi Osher Eisemann have been vindicated by a jury. The legal battle, however, is not over. Rabbi Eisemann is still facing two charges and has the threat of prison -potentially up to 10 years- hovering over his head. Based on the fact that two charges he was convicted of are seemingly only applicable had he been convicted also of theft -which he was not-, Rabbi Eisemann's lawyers are confident that they have a good chance of the case being dropped and plan to file a motion for it. Should the motion be denied ch"v, they intend to begin the appeal process. A huge amount of funds are now desperately needed to cover the ongoing legal fees and help ensure a positive final outcome. Roshei Yeshiva and leading Rabbanim are calling on Klal Yisroel worldwide to help raise the enormous amount needed for the legal battle so that he can be fully exonerated and continue helping special needs children reach their potential. (Sources: Congregation Zichron Refoel/The Yeshiva World)
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