Learn for Leah Rachel Bas Etal Dinah Bracha (Allison Basch)
Refuah Shelema
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Assignment should be completed bli neder by 9 Elul 5779 (Monday, September 09, 2019) sundown.

Chumash Siyum is 35.4% Assigned
(11/31 parshas)

Sefer Bereishis (disabled)

Sefer Shemos (disabled)


Vayikra (111) Tzav (96) Shemini (91)
Tazria (67) Metzora (90) Acharei Mos (80)
Kedoshim (64) Emor (124) Behar (57)
Bechukotai (78)   


Bamidbar (159) Nasso (176) Behaaloscha (136)
Shlach Lecha (119) Korach (95) Chukas (87)
Balak (104) Pinchas (168) Matos (112)
Masei (132)   


√Devarim (105) √Vaeschanan (118) √Eikev (111)
√Re-eh (126) √Shoftim (97) √Ki Seitzei (110)
√Ki Savo (122) √Nitzavim (40) √Vayeilech (30)
√Haazinu (52) √Zos HaBracha (41)  

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